Shopping (Duty Free)

Posted by Caribbean World Magazine on 8 August 2014 | 0 Comments

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8 August 2014

Serious shoppers make it their duty to find the very best deals. This means researching what the merchandise costs at home, and factoring schlepping your purchases home into the duty-free cost. 

Liquor is popular, and certainly there are bargains to be found – Patron tequila and White Hennessey, to name just two -- but bear in mind that those bottles are heavy. And they’ll stay that way –  most likely you will not be allowed to bring them to your cabin; you pick up your purchases on your final trip off the ship. 


Cigarettes, perfume and gold and silver jewelry also top the duty-free shopping favorites list.

The old saying, “Any port in a storm,” definitely does not apply to duty-free shopping. Where you get your shop on can make all the difference to your wallet. Seeking savvy shopping tips? Ask the crew. Experienced cruisers say staffers never steer you wrong. Also, be aware that some onboard duty-free stores slash their prices at the end of the cruise. Half-price, anyone?