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Licensed to Fill (my whisky glass up…)

Posted by Caribbean World Magazine on 8 June 2021 | 0 Comments

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8 June 2021

Sean Connery may have looked suave, debonaire and a charismatic ladies man in his role as 007, but the reality is he was a bag of nerves behind the scenes. 

In 1963, Bond film Dr No premiered in US cinemas and changed the face of movies around the world. Before this, British leading men had played posh, floppy haired fops, whereas James Bond revealed they could be dashing and sexually magnetic.

However, behind the scenes, 007 actor Sean Connery was a bag of nerves. As an amateur actor, who previously worked in construction, the movie world had only been a distant dream. To help with his lines, he was fed one at a time by a team that were infinitely patient. And when it comes to those Bond loves scenes he was plied with alcohol to calm his nerves. 

Connery adapted to the role and his new-found fame incredibly quickly and Sir Sean, as he is now, still marvels at how his career took off. He is aware that Bond author Ian Fleming was vocally horrified when producer Cubby Broccoli started championing an unknown Scottish former boxer for the role of his suave English secret agent, but the visionary producer held firm - largely buoyed by the reaction of women in public to Connery. From a poor young actor Fresh off a building site in rumpled jeans, to a man who women swooned over around the world is no small transformation. Film bosses reputedly taught everything from how to dress and where to buy his shirts to table manners. His Scottish accent was softened to a gentle, purring like. By the third 007 film, Goldfinger, Connerywas a consummate professional, as if he’s been a global movie star from birth.

Although the Dr No film introduced Bond to a girlfriend Sylvia Trench, played by Eunice Gayson, the director Terence Young soon realised that an unattached and handsome 007 could have a lot more fun. James Bond has seduced us all with his lady-wooing antics and shows no signs of settling down just yet.