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Our hearts go out to our Queen at this difficult time, but not purely as a monarch

Posted by Caribbean World Magazine on 17 January 2020 | 0 Comments

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17 January 2020

So much has been written about Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family in recent days, that it is impossible not to be drawn into the Meghan and Harry debate. 

The tabloids are fuelling speculation with damning headlines while TV news channels ask a seemingly endless succession of

“Royal Insiders” for further insight – all of it highly speculative. 


At Caribbean World Magazine we have enjoyed close links with the movers and shakers at Buckingham Palace and have a huge respect and a great deal of affection for our Royals.

At this time, we understand that any close-knit family would be reeling from the unexpected news that part of their unit is relocating and changing a long-established status quo. 


For our Queen, the longest-reigning monarch in British history with 68 years on the throne, one can only imagine how Meghan and Harry’s announcement rocked her world. 

For Queen Elizabeth II isn’t just the Queen of the United Kingdom, the Head of Commonwealth (she has headed a total of 32 independent countries during her reign thus far), 


The Supreme Governor of the Church of England, monarch of three Crown dependencies – Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man – 

she is also a wife, mother, grandmother and great-great-grandmother with whom she shares a strong family bond. 

She is a strong, loyal, determined woman who grew up in a warm loving family as a child and has, throughout her long reign, 

always proven to be incredible practical and sensible in a crisis.


Dear Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, we trust your beloved family will find a way to move forward, together and strong, through this challenging period of change, to emerge with a stronger understanding of each other, a greater mutual respect, and a better appreciation of your shared familial goals – not just your differences. 

We trust and support you as our Queen and feel your anxiety, pain and concern as a wife, mother, grandmother and great-great-grandmother.