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Wonder of the Waves

Posted by Caribbean World Magazine on 7 December 2020 | 0 Comments

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7 December 2020

The world’s first luxury floating eco hotel suite promises zero environmental impact and an incredible multi-sensory experience.

Created using pioneering technologies to ensure it is autonomous, self-sufficient, and ecological, the world’s first floating luxury hotel suite - Anthénea - boasts zero environmental impact. Silent electric motors in the proprietary version ensure zero noise pollution in order not to disturb marine and bird life. Adomeddesignensures it can follow the sun’s rays and blend seamlessly into the environment while a central well serves as an undersea observatory with absorbing underwater views. 

Blessed with a natural air conditioning system, the Anthéneahas five south-facing solar panels and two electric propulsion pods that allow it to stay afloat indefinitely and can also be equipped with a myriad of optional features that include a desalination system and wood burning stove. Curved furniture follows the sleek aerodynamic design throughout in beautiful waxed concrete with a 2.20m circular bed and a sea or freshwater bathtub together with sofa and mini bar.

In the relaxation area, a 360° rooftop solarium is large enough to accommodate 12 people. All interior features are entirely made from sustainable materials and have been created to adapt to a wide temperature range of -30°C to +40°C.  Designed for easy piloting, the Anthénearequires no navigational knowledge or experience to operate, and seasickness is a thing of the past thanks to its stabilisingballasting and magnificent horizon views. 

Offering a new form of tourist experience that celebrates an innovative intimate connection with nature, the Anthénearequires no building permits or time-consuming construction, and also offers hoteliers a more environmentally friendly approach to hospitality. Currently moored off the coast of Brittany, this award-winning tourism concept has just won the 2019 Innovation Trophy organised by ‘L'Echo Touristique’, a leading French tourism magazine. Hoteliers keen to learn more about Anthénea, and the multi-sensory luxurious and ecologically sound experience it can offer travellers and tourists, should visit