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Star Clippers - A greener way to Cruise

Posted by Caribbean World Magazine on 16 October 2018 | 0 Comments

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16 October 2018
RC Caribbean

As more and more vast cruise ships launch their impact on the environment is increasingly under scrutiny. Star Clippers’ full-rigged, tall ships offer a cleaner, greener way to sail.

Star Clippers owner, Mikael Krafft, says “Our ships are styled on the historic clipper ships of the 19th century and recreate the elegance and grace of a time past. Today, environmental issues are crucial to the future of the cruise industry. We have always taken steps to ensure that we minimise our impact on the places where we sail.”

Star Clippers has been incorporating eco-friendly systems and practices on its three tall ships for years. Most significant, of course, is the fact that the vessels’ major source of energy - wind propulsion - is both abundant and emission-free.

Mikael Krafft continued “Star Clippers always trries to maximise the amount of time we spend under wind power, Not only so that our guests can experience a true tall ship sailing experience, but because this also reduces the amount of fuel we consume. A cruise under sail is much easier on the environment.”

In the Caribbean, where the wind is most predictable, the ships operate under wind power up to 70 percent of the time, thus minimising use of the auxiliary engines, which also power the air-conditioning and provide electricity for the day-to-day operation of the ship.

When Star Clippers ships do consume fuel, it is a less-polluting grade. “All our vessels only use very pure, high-quality low-sulphur gas oil; for this we were awarded the International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate,” he continues “Star Flyer was the first ship in the world to receive this certificate. Later, Star Clipper and Royal Clipper received the same certification.”

When it comes to managing the waste products generated on board, Star Clippers has a straightforward policy. Reduce the amount of waste created; recycle as much as possible; and ensure proper disposal of the remaining waste. Crew training plays a vital part in reducing and recycling waste, while technology does the rest.

For example, only eco-friendly, biodegradable products are used for cleaning on board the three ships. Super-concentrated formulae that employ innovative packaging and dispensing methods are used to keep waste to a minimum.

Wastewater is contained in holding tanks while a vessel is in port or close to shore. After a stringent treatment process, this water is discharged when the vessel is outside national limits and special zones in accordance with international regulations.

Fay Mc Cormack, General Manager Star Clippers UK, added “wherever there are people, wherever there are cruise ships, there will be an impact on the environment, but Star Clippers is playing their part to minimise their environmental footprint and continually looking for ways to improve performance in this area.”

Star Clippers offers fully crewed sailing itineraries in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and South East Asia, dropping anchor in ports and harbours often inaccessible to larger cruise vessels.

A 7 night cruise on board Star Clipper costs from £1390pp for a week’s sailing, including all meals, excluding flights.