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Jet-setting Pets

Posted by Caribbean World Magazine on 7 December 2020 | 0 Comments

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7 December 2020

A fear of a second-wave of CV-19 is prompting travellers to holiday with family, friends and loved ones in case of a lockdown - and that includes pets.

The airline industry is reporting a surge in enquiries about travelling with pets, according to UK-based private jet charter companiesPrivateFly andLuxaviation UK. Since the easing of Lockdown, and the announcement that travel corridors are opening up all over the world,those keen to resume the luxurious holidays they’ve planned are loathed to be separated from theirfour legged friends.While our wings were clipped, and we were confined to one location, it seems many travellers have had a chance to re-consider where they really want to be for the foreseeable future.Now the world has started turning again, any plans to relocate to a second home are likely to include extended family - and their beloved pets. Private jet charter companies are popular with the pet owners keen to reduce the stress caused to pets by hours of solitude in the dark of the hold during a lengthy transit. Animal-friendly logistics specialists can co-ordinate all the luxurious aspects of pet travel, from liaising with vets to finding a local supplier of your pet’s favourite food in the country to which you travel - and not just cats and dogs. Anything from rats, ferrets and parrots to hamsters can be accommodated with no expense spared comfort for your pet.