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Proud To Be British 1

Proud to be British

As the envy of the world, due to its slick and efficient Covid 19 vaccine roll out, Britain is in a patriotic mood. Sarah Woods reflects on the nation that brought us modern parliamentary democracy, the Industrial Revolution, a world-leading national health system and the English language and which continues...

SirChrisHohn 1

Sir Chris Hohn

Wealthier than Bob Marley, but not as well known He may not be instantly recognised, at home or abroad, but British-born billionaire Sir Chris Hohn is the richest person of Jamaican descent.


A Hill Climbed

From the conservative cultural influences of Brahmin India and Jamaica to an historic role in US Government, Kamala Harris is inspiring girls and women all over the world from Capitol Hill. 

John Jeffries 2018

Stunning Coco Reef Tobago Voted ‘World Class Resort of The Year’ in 26th Caribbean World & Living magazine International Awards

Multi Award Winning, World Class Bermudian Hotelier & Entrepreneur Mr John Jefferis, who celebrated 55 years in the hospitality industry recently, is no stranger to glittering Award ceremonies and accolades. Jefferis, owner of the Coco Reef Resorts in Tobago and Bermuda, built his career on creating outstanding hotels in the Caribbean region.


Island Idyll

When Catherine Ryan traded life in the UK for the flawless powdery beaches of Canouan, she discovered sea turtles, mesmerising sunsets and 89 percent proof rum in a small, barely five-square-mile nation. She shares her love of the island with the Celebrated International Caribbean World Magazine. 



Set in beautiful perfumed gardens beside flawless palm-lined sands, Paradise Beach is renowned for its charming staff, superb service and mesmerising sea views.