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Posted by Caribbean World Magazine on 20 June 2019 | 0 Comments

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20 June 2019

A leading fitness company is reminding the industry that green sustainable tourism can make greenbacks as well.

Speaking ahead of this week's Caribbean Hospitality Industry Exchange Forum (CHIEF) to be held in Miami from June 21 to 23, Jaime Fairfoot, director of sales and business development at SportsArt, says today's travelers want to engage with local communities and their cultures, reduce their carbon footprint, and make a tangible contribution to the destinations they visit. 

"Destinations, hotels and attractions are realizing that by connecting their communities with the visitor experience and embracing environmentally friendly practices they can be more successful," says Fairfoot, asserting that greater investments in sustainability protect the planet, boost profitability, and improve the quality of life for locals. 

Fairfoot's company produces gym equipment that converts energy expended during exercise, in a gym or at home, into grid grade electricity. He says that as well as more authentic experiences, travelers also want something simpler and more basic - to stay healthy and fit when traveling. 

So, SportArt's eco-friendly gym machines not only reduce the consumption of energy, but actually produce it, providing users a unique opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and help reduce energy costs, while getting a workout. 

"We're very keen to contribute to the sustainability discussions across the Caribbean," says the Miami-based Fairfoot, whose company is a gold sponsor at this week's CHIEF conference, connecting hospitality and tourism professionals from the Caribbean and the Americas. 

"CHIEF 2019 gives SportsArt an opportunity to share with attendees how we can meet current tourism market demands fueled by guests' desire to stay healthy while traveling," he says. "In the future, hotels will need to provide guests with ways to not only stay personally healthy on the go, but also ways to keep the planet healthy through sustainable travel options." 

Discerning travelers are expecting eco-friendly and innovative wellness options during their stays, says Fairfoot, who looks forward to seeing CHIEF delegates experience its green technology and workout equipment in the conference's exhibition space.