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Launch of Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ Great British Rum

Posted by Caribbean World Magazine on 13 November 2019 | 0 Comments

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13 November 2019

English Spirit Ltd today announce the launch of their latest collaboration project, Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ Great British Rum, into the UK market.

Legendary British explorer and UK’s first rum distillery team up in the spirit of adventure for innovative new distilling process

As the first to distil and market rum in the UK, English Spirit predicts this new premium rum will make waves in the growing category thanks to two key innovations: the ability to produce premium rum without an aging process, and the distillation using exotic woods to take flavour expressions to a whole new level.

Master Distiller Dr John Walters has developed a brand new way of making rum for Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ Great British Rum. Instead of the rum sitting in the barrel for five years, the barrel is put in the still – that is, exotic woods from some of Sir Ranulph’s most iconic adventures (Sequoia from Canada, Pine from Norway and Date Palm from Oman) are placed within the still during the process to deliver the flavour profile of multiple adventures in one bottle without aging.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ Great British Rum is created using small batch production techniques allowing much closer attention to detail. Triple distilled from 100% pure sugar cane molasses, the rum has an unbeatable rich flavour. Distilling three times helps to concentrate the flavours of the molasses and strip out the undesirable harsh elements of the alcohol to create a smooth and refined high-quality spirit.

The result is a truly unique golden rum with a distinctly British character. The flavour journeys through deep orange, caramel and spiced Christmas cake on the nose, with a hint of tobacco and vanilla, followed by a mix of milk and dark chocolate, then a final lick of golden liquorice.

Dr John Walters, Master Distiller at English Spirit, says: “This launch represents a milestone for British rum production. We are putting a marker into the ground that Britain can produce a premium, quality rum and it’s the perfect testament to a legendary British expedition leader.”

Sir Ranulph Fiennes says: “Rum has always been associated with exploration and adventure, but I only wanted to work with a distillery that was daring and determined. When Dr John told me of the world’s doubt that Britain could make a truly great rum, well, that sealed the deal. From that moment, we aimed to tread new ground”.

About Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Sir Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, commonly known as Ran, is a British expedition leader and holder of several endurance records. He is also an author, poet and co-creator of Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ Great British Rum. Named as the world’s greatest living explorer by the Guinness Book of Records, Fiennes was the first person to visit both the North and South Poles by surface means and the first to cross the Antarctic continent. In 2009, at the age of 65, he climbed the summit of Mount Everest, the oldest Briton to achieve this.

About English Spirit

Founded in 2011 by Dr John Walters, English Spirit position themselves as the UK’s original small batch distillers, celebrating England through the seasonality of its ingredients and the heritage of its sites in Essex and Cornwall. Since formation, English Spirit have accumulated an unrivalled wealth of distilling experience, distilling, via genuinely small batches, well over 100 different products from scratch for its own label and clients, becoming the first to distil Rum in the UK and wining many accolades and gold medals each year, including World’s Best Rum at the Hong Kong RumFest in 2014.