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Jessica In Charge

Posted by on 2 April 2014 | 0 Comments

Justin Timberlake says wife Jessica Biel is in charge of their home.That’s what the singer told a group of journos who spotted him in the Bahamas a few weeks back.

While the singer-and-actor is ‘’obsessed’’ with small details, he admits the final decisions on decorating and furniture are all made by his actress spouse, who he wed in October 2012. He said: ‘’I’m a bit of an art collector and I can get a bit obsessed with details, like handles on drawers and such. But I guess ‘contemporary with a bit of other stuff mixed in’ would describe our home. ‘’I tell myself I have a choice in things, but that’s just because I’m in denial.’’

Though the ‘Runner Runner’ star owns several properties, he says Tennessee, where he was raised, will always be home. ‘’I have real estate in several places. But Tennessee, where I grew up, will always be home. ‘’I wouldn’t describe Memphis as a fiscally fortunate town and there’s a lot of crime. But you’re brought up to realise how very much like you are to your neighbour. When I go home, people always feel like I’m their brother or their son, which feels great.’ But for a brief weekend respite, the Caribbean was his place to be....