Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay

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6 August 2014

David Copperfield turned 11 islands into a magical private oasis. By Debra Janin.

It’s easy to believe in magic when David Copperfield is the man behind the curtain. This world class illusionist spent years travelling the world in search of adventure and extraordinary experiences.

Then he decided he wanted to relive these experiences and share them with others – all in one place. So he drew lines from mystical locales – Stonehenge in England to the Easter Islands statues in Chile and from the Valley of the Kings in Egypt to the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico. And the place where these lines intersected was in the Exumas in the Bahamas.

Copperfield visited Musha Cay and was smitten. He bought it along with 10 surrounding islands and dubbed it all Copperfield Bay. Imagine over 700 acres of natural beauty at one of the most secluded spots on the earth.

What can you expect from a visit to Musha and its moat of islands with names including Enchanted Island, Forbidden Island, Secret Cay, Imagine Island and Isle  of Lucy?

Beyond the 2006 purchase price of $50 million, more than five years and $35 million more has been spent to create this private island oasis. Musha Cay had an infrastructure of five plantation style villas, and The Landings, which serves as a clubhouse and restaurant. Filled with artifacts from Copperfield’s world travels, a billiard room that showcases Houdini’s billiard table, the villas are furnished with exotic treasures collected in his travels, and have an overwhelming but beautiful Balinese influence, but all in a style that is geared toward the ultimate comfort of the guest.

David Copperfield spends approximately 10 weeks each year at Musha Cay, and the balance of time makes the magic available to those who willingly pay $39,000 per day for a visit for up to 12 guests. With a four-night minimum and a surcharge of $1,500 per day for each additional guest (up to 12 more), Musha Cay caters to celebrities, affluent travellers, world leaders and titans of business.

The villas each boast their own private beach, spacious living and dining areas, and privacy. Set on a secluded crescent shaped beach, Beach House might well be the most romantic of the accommodations. This open air one-bedroom cottage is a charming sanctuary enclosed by a small gate that opens to a private beach.

Highview sits atop the crest of the highest hill offering a 360° view of Musha Cay and its ten surrounding islands. As the largest of the villas at 10,000 square feet, the grounds feature expansive gardens, a steam room and an outdoor fireplace. Two master suites, a cozy, hidden loft, and a soaring living pavilion create exceptional luxury.

Palm Terrace’s 4,500 square feet contain five bedrooms is perhaps best suited to families. Sporting a wrap-around mahogany porch, the spacious living room overlooks a patio that’s perfect for entertaining, and its own private beach.

Pier House’s front door opens onto its private beach and a pier that runs straight into the ocean. This 3,200 square foot cottage is artfully designed and features two master suites and large living and dining rooms.

The last of the villas, Blue Point is set on a rocky outcrop, maintaining an intimate feel. 3,200 square feet of beach house, guests enjoy two master suites and an expansive living and dining room. A wrap-around mahogany porch circles and shades the house.

Beyond dining in the villas, other private dining options include candlelight dinners on the Main Dock, with torch lit steps leading down from The Landings. A favourite spot for an early morning coffee or special celebration dinner is at the glass topped table at The Landings. With windows on all four sides, guests can relax and enjoy the view of the stunning blue waters of Copperfield Bay.

The Balinese Beach Pavilion is the perfect spot for open-air lunch buffets or a gala banquet. Situated adjacent to Musha Cay’s swimming pool on one of the beaches, a regal hand carved table sits under a soaring timbered roof.

The perfect gourmet beach picnic is just a five minute ride from Musha Cay – the Sandbar is a stretch of pristine white sand and a popular spot for a picnic lunch. This 3-mile sandbar emerges from the sea only a few hours each day at low tide. Or choose a hidden romantic beach, or an uninhabited island.

When it comes to activities, aside from the requisite relaxing by the pool or gazing at the sea, snorkelling, diving, jet ski, sailing, or fishing, this is where a visit to Musha Cay gets interesting. Spend an evening at Dave’s ‘Drive-in’ – an open air movie theatre on Coconut beach, enjoying a film and treats from the comfort of a beach chaise. Or order up a fireworks display. Arrangements for extras can be made including a massage, yoga/pilates instruction, tennis pro, or live music.

Copperfield and his team have dreamed up creative escapes and treats. The Musha Olympic Games includes a torch lighting opening and events from swimming races to water balloon throws. M.U.S.H.A. Force (Musha United Secret Hero Alliance) is a super spy island adventure - laser tag competition set to music. The Journey to Thunderball Grotto is an hour-long escape to the spot where the classic Bond film was shot.

The Treasure of the Unknown Pirate takes you to caves, hidden beaches, cliffs and a petrified lake – guided by ‘pirates’ who will guide you with clues. Or most whimsical of all – visit the Secret Village – reached by an underground tunnel and populated by some of the world’s friendliest monkeys.

If you dream it, they can create it. Musha Cay and its endless amenities and magic is located 90 minutes by air from Miami. Fly into Georgetown airport on Great  Exuma and then a 20-minute flight to a private landing strip or a 45-minute boat ride will have you there.