20 Real Estate Islands

Thinking about buying property in the Caribbean? Check out 20 of the best islands to invest in. By Melissa James



The island of Barbados has long been visited by the British aristocracy and celebrities who come here to buy homes in the sun. The West Coast of Barbados is often referred to as the “Platinum Coast”, and is one of the most popular areas among foreign buyers. Golf is a key attraction and there are three world-class golf courses here as well as major polo fields and clubs which attract the likes of Prince Charles and sons Prince William and Harry, who are frequent visitors to Barbados. The island remains popular with investors and expats as there no capital gains tax, inheritance tax or restrictions for foreign purchasers.


The Bahamas consists of 700 islands and cays in 15 main groups, scattered in the Atlantic Ocean to the south-east of Florida. The two main islands are New Providence and the capital Nassau, and Grand Bahama Island. The Bahamas is undergoing a property boom at the moment with a whole range of luxury developments in place, some of them in Nassau among the most exciting in the region. The Bahamas is a tax haven with no income tax, VAT or capital gains tax and it is relatively easy for foreigners to buy property with only a license required.


The Dutch speaking islands of Aruba and Curacao differ from other Caribbean countries in their geography and culture but with their lovely climate and location outside the hurricane zone they are increasingly attracting investment with no limitations for foreigners wishing to purchase homes here. Both popular with tourists from the USA and Europe, the islands boast a wealth of ... Read more...