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Aged 50+? Caribbean Sun is Good for You!

As we grow older, and start planning our retirement years,we begin to priories ways to boost mental and physical well-being. Good news - it is medically proven that the Caribbean sunshine really is beneficial to good health! Studies have revealed that the health benefits of Caribbean suncan helppromote happiness and hardiness.

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The Best is Yet to Come..

Looking for a comfortable Caribbean home in which to enjoy your retirement? Check out this perfect properties offering relaxation close beautiful sandy beaches, restaurants and leisure amenities such as sailing, golf and tennis.  

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Loch, Stock and Barrel

Stunning mansion on the 'Scottish Caribbean'! on the market for more than £2.1million: beautiful cream coloured mansion with a slick tiled roof and rosewood window frames is on the market for more than 2.1m; over 11 times the average property in Scotland


India’s Elvis

He has the biggest fan club in the world and a fascinating Anglo-Indian heritage. Meet Engelbert Humperdinck: a legendary heartthrob with a velvet voice who has enough paternity suits to wallpaper a wall.



In 2017, the ferocity of hurricane Irma’s 200+mph winds devastated 85 per cent of the buildings on the palm-trimmed British Virgin Islands (BVI) – the most powerful for 400 years. The recovery has been remarkable.