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Eco-Friendly $811m Super-Yacht Powered by Solar-Panelled 'Sails' Unveiled as “Yacht of the Future” by Florida-Based Designer

Posted by Caribbean World Magazine on 20 February 2024 | 0 Comments

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20 February 2024

Plans have been unveiled by Florida-based Norwegian designer Kurt Strand for an eco-friendly yacht of the future. The exciting $811m superyacht powered by retractable solar-panelled ‘sails’ is powered by three enormous 262ft tall carbon fibre sails using either solar energy or wind. Known as the Florida, the innovative 525ft long design will put the boat in the top five longest superyachts in the world.

The ultimate in eco-entertaining, the Florida will accommodate up to 24 guests in 12 luxury suites as well as 40 crew. High-end features include a super yacht helipad at the fore deck with an elevator that connects the hangar below deck and a large swimming pool at the aft deck. The vessel will have room for off-road vehicles, jet-skis and waterways; one of which is a 40ft electric-powered fully submersible, amphibious vessel, the Beach Cruiser. For scenic soirées, a stunning, circular, two-storey high lobby and bar occupies the centre of the yacht. And for relaxation and pampering, the Florida will also have a fitness centre, spa, supercar garage and personal cinema equipped with every high-tech splurge.

As well as the hydraulic, retractable sails with stabilizers, the Florida boasts hydro generators on the keel which produce electricity when the yacht is moving. All the power is stored in a five mega watt battery bank and can be used to create hydrogen on board, ensuring when there is a lack of sun or wind, the yacht is run on hydrogen fuel cells. This transformation into ‘solar sail’ mode means the control system will automatically adjust the sails into the perfect angle to absorb the most sunlight for the ultimate, luxury water travel experience.