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Did Miley Cyrus’s Caribbean Get-AWay Contributed To Break-Up?

Posted by on 2 April 2014 | 0 Comments

By all accounts, Miley Cyrus had everything she needed recently on a trip to the Caribbean: sun, sand, a sprawling vacation villa and plenty of privacy.

But hmmm, while she enjoyed frolicking on her own private beach in St Barths, what could have possibly been missing from this scenario. Any guesses? You know, it was just months ago that Liam Hemsworth proclaimed to reporters how much he loved the beach, America and his fiancee. And, yet, he wasn’t with Miley this past July in his favorite place - the beach. That was the first sign that all was not perfect in paradise. While Miley pulls the wool over the world - some say she has an ecstacy problem [now known as “Molly”]. Others say she is a young star out of control. “Wrecking Ball” tells me Cyrus could well be smarter than anyone while she makes herself, her new song a huge hit and laughs all the way to the bank with her freedom intact. Stay tuned.