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King of the World?

Posted by Caribbean World Magazine on 4 October 2021 | 0 Comments

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4 October 2021

It will be the largest yacht in the universe, and Jeff Bezos £420m sail-powered superyacht will boast three masts and a 7-star spec at 417ft (127 meters). 

Jeff Bezos doesn’t do anything by halves, including design a multi-million-pound Superyacht, which is why the world has waited gape-mouthed for it to go on display for the first time at the Dutch shipyard. 

Currently known only by its project name Y721, the 417ft (127 meter) yacht known was rolled out at the Zwijndrecht shipyard in the Netherlands to huge global media interest. When completed in 2022, it will be the largest sailing yacht in the world and will have a trio of masts. 

Another key design feature of Y721 - already described as ‘one of the most beautiful sailing yachts in existence’ - is three separate decks. With a $500 (£423) million price tag the Super-Yacht has been under construction and subject to secrecy in the westof Holland for over a year. Once it is completed in 2022, it will overtake Sea Cloud, the largest ocean-going liner today, to become the world’s largest sailing yacht. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder’s commissioned the vessel based on the Oceanco’s Black Pearl vessel, one of the largest and most ecological yachts in the world. Once the black-carried yacht is constructed, it will be deployed to Alblasserdam by custom yacht-builders Oceanco, where it is given the final accessories. The Black Pearl is the world’s largest DynaRig sailing yacht with three 70 meter high carbon masts, built by Oceanco in 2018. 

Bezos lost his position as the wealthiest man in the world to space technology rival Elon Musk last month. He currently has a net worth of $197 billion (£143 billion). Bezos is no stranger to yacht purchases having already splashed out on a shadow yacht used to carry cars and helicopters at sea. This is a custom version of the Damen Yachts YS7512 model.