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“Pirates 5” Might Be johnny Depp’s Swan Song

Posted by on 2 April 2014 | 0 Comments

50 year-old actor Johnny Depp has “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” slated for production and that might be it in terms of his acting career.

Yes depp is “threatening” retirement! So what brought it on? Well, it seems The Lone Ranger’s poor showing at the box-office has revealed that audiences may be finally tiring of his wacky accents and silly hats. Depp is continuing to hint that he’ll retire from acting — presumably to speak in wacky accents and wear silly hats in private. “Are there quieter things I wouldn’t mind doing? Yeah, I wouldn’t mind that,” said the actor in an interview with the BBC. “I wouldn’t say I am dropping out any second, but I would say it’s probably not too far away.” But not, presumably, before he applies his craft to personal passion projects like the already-planned sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice in Wonderland. Stay tuned.